I would like to thank my advisor and mentor, Steve Johnson, for introducing me to an interesting research project and for his guidance, support and warm friendship. I am also grateful to my research committee members: David Wise, Dennis Gannon and Jonathan Mills, for their help and suggestions. Assistant Dean Frank Hoole at the Graduate School funded my assistantship while I finished my dissertation. I am also indebted to the secretaries and staff of the IU Computer Science Department for innumerable favors and friendly, courteous service.

My family's support and encouragement has meant a great deal to me during my years at Indiana. Love and thanks to the Jeschke's: Marlin, Charmaine, David, Margaret, and Bart Miller.

I have made many wonderful friends during my "tenure" in Bloomington. The following people have directly contributed to my well being as a graduate student:

Extra special thanks to Stash, Hoadley, Sophie, and especially, Amy Baum, for the peace and happiness you have given me.